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I am extremely fortunate to have lived in Colorado my entire life and am indebted to my parents for deciding to make Colorado their home. What a great state! Born and raised in Colorado Springs, I was exploring the trails in the Pikes Peak region at an early age. My family enjoyed camping and hiking outings and it was during these formative years that I acquired a love and appreciation for nature. Like many Colorado youngsters who develop an interest for the outdoors, I became interested in hiking 14,000-foot peaks (“Fourteeners”) in my teens and eventually completed all of Colorado’s 54 Fourteeners. During my college years spent at the University of Colorado, my weekends were filled with trail running, hiking, and climbing exploits with friends. Backcountry skiing and mountain biking were natural progressions and soon I was exploring Colorado in all seasons and by different, exciting modes. Recently, I have made “adventure” a priority and have tried to explore off the beaten path destinations not only in Colorado but also in Alaska, Peru, and Canada. In addition, over the past decade I have competed in a variety of competitive endurance events, such as ultrarunning, mountain biking, cross country skiing, and adventure racing. These competitive events have been fun and have enabled me to explore my physical and mental limits in the mountains. However, some of the most meaningful times in the wilderness have come at the end of a long day backpacking with friends, dipping my toes in an alpine lake, and listening to a pack of coyotes howl as the sun sets over the mountains.

This is my first book and I plan to publish the Central and Southern Editions of the Colorado Adventure Guide in coming years. While I’m not exploring trails, I teach chemical engineering, computing, and biology courses as an Instructor at the University of Colorado at Boulder. I live with and try to keep up with my “Energizer Bunny” wife in Boulder. I look forward to a lifetime of adventures in Colorado. See you on the trail!

- Charlie Nuttelman